Open Educational Resource Project

This is a HEA/JISC OMAC 3 Open Educational Resources Project which aims to support the provision and sustainable use of shared learning resources and explore the benefits of this for individuals and Higher Education Institutions.

Project Overview

The project has three main strands:

 Strand 1 – 20 Rough and Quick Guides to Learning & Teaching

 These previously internal publications are being released as OERs via open access repositories.  All of the guides are being released under creative commons licences to enable easy access and use by the wider academic community.  Both series address a range of key L&T issues or specific L&T methods.

Quick Guides are very short and provide ‘top tips’ and practical examples from L&T practice with access to further resources.  Titles include:

  • Programme Leadership
  • Action Learning
  • Engaging Students

Rough Guides are more substantive texts that provide more in-depth guidance and case studies.  Titles include:

  • Work-based Learning
  • Employability
  • Progress Files

Strand 2 – Open Learning Units

Open learning units are being developed which draw on and extend the ideas and tips in the Rough & Quick Guides.  These are stand-alone units that will be mapped to the UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education (UKPSF) (2011).  Titles include:

  • Achieving HEA Individual Recognition
  • Employability
  • Digital Literacies
  • Distance Learning

Piloting of one of the open learning units is underway; this provides the opportunity to evaluate its appropriateness for the audience, inform further development and better understand how to enhance the shared approach to learning.  The pilot unit, and the learning gained from it, will provide a model for the production of further units.

Strand 3 – Collaboration with Others/Raising Awareness 

To ensure a sustainable approach to the development and use of open resources, the project team is liaising with other OMAC 3/Open Education Practice project teams and members of Our Friends in the North (a network of PG Cert leaders and other staff who are engaged in developing learning and teaching) to collaborate on the development of units and UKPSF (2011) mapping.

By working collaboratively with others, we aim to raise awareness of the open educational resource agenda and enable more widespread and sustainable use of the resources.  As the various aspects of the project have been developed and delivered, opportunities for dissemination and sharing the learning from the project have been pursued, i.e. through conference workshops, papers and seminars.

In addition, a project blog has been created to provide up to date project information, access to project resources, project evaluation, and team reflection on the process and progress of the project.

The project blog can be found at:

For further information, or to participate in piloting the units please contact Gill Janes at


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